Reebok breaks records around the world in celebration of the new Nano 7

When Reebok goes big, they go above and beyond – especially when it comes to breaking world records. For their launch of the new CrossFit Nano 7, Reebok assembled a task force of talented athletes who achieved 44 Guinness World Records titles in 24 hours in cities across the globe.

An ensemble of some of the world’s strongest and fastest sportspersons gathered in four cities in Australia, UK and the USA on February 1st 2017 for an intense day under the watchful eye of GWR adjudicators.

Sydney, London, New York City, and Los Angeles were the cities chosen to host masses of athletes sporting the Nano 7 on February 1, 2017. The athletes from varied disciplines of crossfit and weightlifting achieved a grand total of 44 Guinness World Records titles.

The hustle and bustle of New York City, New York (USA) got kicked up a notch as top-performing CrossFit champions and existing Guinness World Records title holders came out to attempt records, achieving an amazing total of 15 titles.

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