Duggal and the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Duggal Greenhouse has hosted a range of exceptional private functions, live events, fashion shows, product launch, movie, rehearsals and commercial productions. The New York Daily News published an article in 2013 titled “A Greenhouse grew in the Brooklyn Navy Yard: New York entrepreneur renovates huge building for eco-friendly activities.”

The article refers to Baldev Duggal, who was featured in the Huffington Post in two artices: Baldev Duggal, Immigrant to Icon: An American Dream and Meet Baldev Duggal: Immigrant of the Year. Baldev’s vision, together with his son Michael Duggal, CEO of Duggal Visual Solutions, has transformed the Brooklyn Navy Yard by bringing an array of celebrities and high end events to the area such as AOL, Dior, and Alexander Wang.

This year, the Duggal Greenhouse redefined its impact on the Brooklyn Navy Yard by hosting two events that brought the eyes of the globe to the area. The Duggal Greenhouse hosted CNN’s Democratic Debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on April 14, 2016. Almost two months after, the venue hosted Hillary Clinton in her historic moment of becoming the first woman to be a presumptive nominee of a major party in the US.

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