Given fashion’s current obsession with stylized and luxurious athletic wear — track pants as dress trousers, cashmere hoodies, sweatshirts that cost as much as bespoke shirts — Lacoste was making a statement with clothes emblazoned with Rene Did It First. It was on tracksuits and long sleeved polo shirts. The collection itself had a retro vibe, styled not unlike The Royal Tenenbaums, terry headbands and all. There were several tailored coats with patch pockets in colors like navy, teal and aquamarine. There were also a couple of camel coats slash capes for women. And the collection being Lacoste, there were plenty of refreshing nods to tennis — color blocked tennis skirts, a gray polo shirt dress with a pleated skirt, and a tennis sweater spun into a dress with a flyaway hem. On the men’s side, the collection was heavy on tracksuits in colors like purple, red and gray.

At Moncler Grenoble, which showed its collection yesterday Valentine’s Day, the set featured a giant heart-shaped box in the middle of stadium-like space at Brooklyn Navy Yard. The show started with the lid rising up to the ceiling and the models slowly surfacing one by one on hydraulic platforms. It was like a box of chocolates, a Valentine’s treat to the fashion flock who have to work while many are out on romantic dates. With popular love songs playing in the program and the lyrics projected on a digital screen, Moncler Grenoble showed many iterations of its puffer jackets and ski looks. The show ended with a bride and groom in puffer coats with their entourage in similar ski attire in the background. And as a romantic gesture, all the models sealed the collection with kisses.

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