Production Specifications

Inside the Greenhouse

Inside the Greenhouse

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Venue Size 35,000 square feet
Ground Floor 29,190 sq. ft.
Mezzanine Level 4,750 sq. ft.
Venue Height 70'-0" floor to ceiling / 54’-0” floor to truss
Capacity 300 – 3,000

The venue also includes the following;

  • Outside Cater Permitted
  • Yacht service from Manhattan
  • Waterfront patio and bar
  • Security with gated entrance
  • 3 cam locks located around hall are 200 amp 208v each
  • One at loading dock in rear on East wall
  • One on West wall
  • One on outer wall of electrical room in South East corner
  • In addition, 400amp cam lock located on electric room wall inside East room at 480v
  • Ground Floor slab supports 400 lbs. / sq. ft.

The following links contain detailed layouts and plans of the property.

Duggal Greenhouse Ground Floor Plans (pdf)

Duggal Greenhouse Mezzanine Plan (pdf)

Duggal Greenhouse Trusses - Bottom chord load at all points (pdf)

Duggal Greenhouse Trusses - Bottom chord load at every other point (pdf)

Duggal Greenhouse Trusses - Bottom chord load at center points (pdf)

Duggal Greenhouse Trusses - Top chord load to all points (pdf)

Duggal Greenhouse Overhead View (pdf)

The following link contains all of the above PDFs in one downloadable zip.

Download the official building specification sheets (zip).

The following link contains 2 CAD drawings for the Duggal Greenhouse. The included files demonstrate the Duggal Greenhouse floor plans and also the elevations and sections.

Duggal Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections (zip unpacks to dwg x2)

The following links contain PDF examples of the DWG provided above

Duggal Greenhouse Floor Plans (pdf)

Duggal Greenhouse Elevations & Sections (pdf)

The Duggal Greenhouse location listed on Google Maps

Our location listed on Google Maps

63 Flushing Ave, 
Building 268,